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When should I bring my child for his/her first dental visit?

I get this question from parents when they come in for their dental visits.

When the question is put back to the parents.” They are not old enough” ” they are not in any pain now” ” My child would be scared coming to the dentist”.

The child’s first dental visit is earlier than most parents think.American Dental Association recommends first dental visit should tak place as soon as first tooth comes in and no later than first birthday. Just like you take your child for well visits with a Pediatrician, your child also should see the dentist routinely.

Regular visits can help them get comfortable with dental office settings. Imagine a child already in pain, visiying the dentist for the first time can be intimidating and may not be a pleasant experience for the child if they are already experiencing pain. During the childs first visit the dentist can also educate and guide the parent on how to properly care for your child’s teeth.

Visits to th edentist early on can prevent trouble, exposure builds cmfort and will help them develop good habits and set them on the right path to a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

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