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If you have a tooth that just needs to go, schedule a visit with Subha Yerabollu, DDS, at Prime Family Dentistry in Chantilly, Virginia. With a safe and effective extraction, Dr. Yerabollu can remove your troublesome tooth and restore your overall oral health. Schedule your extraction today by calling the office or requesting an appointment online.

Extractions Q & A

What is an extraction?

An extraction is a procedure to remove a tooth from your smile. While Dr. Yerabollu always does everything, she can to keep her treatments conservative and maintain as much of your natural structures as possible, there are some situations where a tooth can cause more trouble than it’s worth, such as severe damage or infection.

Extractions have a bad reputation, like when somebody says that unpleasant experience is like “getting a tooth pulled.” That characterization is outdated. Today’s modern extractions, like those performed at Prime Family Dentistry, make your experience as simple, painless, and easy as possible.

Why would I need an extraction?

There are several reasons why Dr. Yerabollu might need to perform an extraction. If you have a damaged or infected tooth that can’t be successfully treated with a root canal, removing it from your smile can keep the rest of your teeth healthy.

Another common reason people need extractions is crowding issues. If you don’t have enough room in your dental ridge for all of your teeth, removing one or more can free up space for the rest of your teeth. This provides you with a number of health and aesthetic benefits.

Wisdom teeth are commonly extracted for this exact reason. Wisdom teeth are your third molars and typically emerge in your mouth between the ages of 18 and 25. Even though our jaws have gotten smaller as we’ve evolved past the need for our third molars, many people still get their wisdom teeth. Because most people typically don’t have enough room for them in their smile, getting them extracted can be incredibly beneficial to your overall oral health.

What is involved with getting an extraction?

Dr. Yerabollu uses modern techniques and state-of-the-art equipment at Prime Family Dentistry to make your extraction a simple and painless procedure. She provides a variety of anesthetic options, including laughing gas, to make your extraction incredibly comfortable.

Prime Family Dentistry also offers restorative options, like dental bridges, to keep your smile whole after you’ve healed from your extraction.

Don’t let one bad tooth ruin the rest of your smile. Schedule your extraction with Prime Family Dentistry today by calling the office or requesting a visit online.

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