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My gums bleed when I brush should I be concerned?

“Normally my gums don’t bleed, only sometimes i notice bleeding when i brush but it doesnt hurt.Should i be concerned?” I often encounter this from my patients. Would you be concerned if you start bleeding from your finger or foot for no apparent reason? Yes bleeding gums are a cause for concern, healthy gums don’t bleed. We associate pain with something bad happening. Since bleeding gums due to gingivitis don’t hurt it is often times ignored.

Bleeding gums may be caused by gingivitis. It may be due to improper and irregular home care. I recommend brushing twice a day and cleaning between the teeth with floss and or Waterpik. If you practice diligent homecare but still notice some bleeding, then probably it has been awhile since your last dental cleaning.

Go see your dentist, the dentist or hygienist can help point to you any areas you are missing with your home care and also demonstrate the proper brushing and flossing. Bleeding gums due to gingivitis can be reversed by proper home care and regular dental cleanings. Bleeding gums if unchecked can lead to irreversible changes in the gums and bone. Don’t ignore your bleeding gums.

Routine home care and regular dental visits will help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

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